Ibaera Capital
helping mining companies to build mines


greater insight and earlier visibility

For Investors and Investment Advisors


ASTUTE BUYING We invest in mine projects before they are built, before they are truly valued by the market, often at distressed and illiquid valuations, typically at P/NAV of less than 10%.

VALUE ADDING We actively participate in the development of our mining projects through to construction by providing technical advice, support and leadership and all of the required funding to develop.

EXITING Consistently selling those same mine projects as robust, attractive mines either ready to commence or already under construction, typically at P/NAV of 40% to 80%.


PROPRIETARY INVESTMENTS Based in the heart of Australia’s mining industry, with more than 70% of Australia’s miners located within a mile of our office. We retain relationships built through more than 20 years of working within Australia’s mining, development and exploration companies. We conduct our business within their board rooms, with people that trust and recognize the value that we bring to their mining project. 

DEVELOPMENT AND VALUE CREATION Within our team, we have been directly associated with the development of more than $30 billion of new mines in Australia, Africa, Asia and South America. We bring this experience and knowledge to actively support and build value within our investments.

PARTNERING PHILOSOPHY Our investment model is entirely collaborative, forming the bridge between our astute investors and mining companies, to realize significant wealth generation for everyone involved in our fund and its investments.

Key Features

Timeframe | 2 to 5 years per investment

Investment size | $10 to 40 million per investment, sufficient to fund to build

Industry | exclusively international mining

Commodities | we only invest in liquid, highly sought-after metals with established markets and robust demand such as copper, gold, zinc, tungsten and nickel

Locations | only those geographies where major mining companies want to build new mines, and where we deem it is safe to do so

Investment structure | collaborative joint ventures with established junior and major miners

Participation | Ibaera is an active investor, working hand-in-hand with miners and developers, bringing funding, expertise, relationships and profile to ensure mines get built and investment returns are realized

Development stage | we invest at pre-construction stage and fund and support the development of projects to construction or to operation

De-risked | most importantly we are not a speculator or an explorer. We only invest in projects that have already been technically and economically “discovered” but remain “undervalued” by an inefficient and lethargic market

Insight | our investment in on-the-ground research sets us apart