Ibaera Capital
helping mining companies to build mines


funding new mine discovery and development

For Miners and Developers Seeking Investment Capital

For junior explorers | we are a primary source of significant equity funding to junior explorers and developers, from advanced exploration to construction. We will work collaboratively with management to provide all of the funding that you need to meet the shortfall between your total funds requirement and the funds that you can raise from your existing shareholder base

For major miners | we are a joint venture partner to major miners, acquiring and developing non-core assets or co-funding their development

Equity or Debt | we are an equity investor, sharing project risk, providing funds to the project or the company

Commodities | base and precious metals including copper, gold, zinc, tungsten and nickel

Development stage | we invest prior to construction, from the stage at which there is enough data to support a compelling investment case.  We fund and support the development of those projects to construction or to operation

Locations | we will invest in those geographies where major mining companies want to build new mines, and where we deem it is safe to do so. Particularly in favourable locations within Australia, Africa, SE Asia and Europe

Timeframe | we are patient investors, generating returns through helping you to achieve success. Our investment timeframes are typically from a minimum 2 years to 5 years per investment

Investment size | $10 million to $40 million per investment, sufficient to fund through to commencement of construction

Collaboration | Ibaera is an active investor, working hand-in-hand with miners and developers, bringing funding, expertise, relationships and profile to ensure mines get built and investment returns are realized.

De-risked | most importantly we are not a speculator or an explorer. We only invest in projects that have already been technically and economically “discovered” but remain “undervalued” by an inefficient and lethargic market

Companies seeking investment capital should contact us here.

Partnership | working hand in hand with management teams